My philosophy, is of a child centered approach and I apply my knowledge as a somatic movement educator, choreographer, dance teacher and of course dance movement therapist.

Two great tools are movement observation and to attune into children’s non-verbal communication cues. In a group setting, when children enter the studio, it is important to perceive what is the energy they bring into the room and what are their needs. Some children seek more attention, some are shy and others enter the studio screaming.

My role is then to bring their attention to joyful and playful movement exercises that can inspire them to come together as a group.

Dance and movement enhances relationships, bounds are created and it helps to relief tensions between caregiver(s) and their children who have been under distress or suffer from attachment issues.

In sessions with children, the use of props such as soft balls, cloth of different sizes and textures, handkerchief(s), grain pillows, are mediums that supports children towards playfulness, the creation of relationships, providing development in communication, engagement and interaction with the world and others.

Dance and movement facilitates children towards self-regulation, well-being, self-esteem, self-advocacy (the ability to speak up for what they need). And it helps to develop self-awareness, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

Age group: ab 2 Jahre Alt.

Photos © Angela Guerreiro