I gladly offer you my know-how

My working concept is striving for continuity and integration of the community and the individuals with whom I interact.

​I am interested in facilitating individuals and group settings, to foster communication and peacemaking among people of different ages backgrounds, regardless of religious beliefs, and empower intercultural relationships with mutual respect and compassion.

To give support and offer healing strategies to people who have experienced traumatic events, loss and grief and suffer from distress is one of my goals.

My sessions can be addressed for the whole family, as well as for children with the presence of a caregiver, adolescents and adults, in individual or in a group session.

I offer tools that improve the ability to respond to daily malices such as breathing and grounding exercises, guided imagery, relaxation, body scanning, playfulness and the joy of movement. Help clients balance their anxiety response, in situations where communication and social engagement is required will be taken in consideration, advocating for non-conflict relationships, allowing acceptance of oneself and others with embodied empathy and compassion.

The areas of supportive work are:

  • Physical pain

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Mother and Child relationship

  • Behavioral and emotional disorders occurring in childhood and adolescence

Photo © Angela Guerreiro