I gladly come to your place!

If you need Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) for individual sessions at your place.

Send me an email with a description of your case.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Therapeutic work at patient’s homes is much appreciated specially in cases of autism, dementia and other cases where clients cannot leave their homes easily.


… and your institution!

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) can support personal distress and alleviate situations of conflict at work together with a mindfulness approach. In an individual or group setting clients are invited to engage in interrelational communication between peers and to observe body and mind activities.

Main goal is to facilitate clients with a somatic and humanistic approach towards well-being, self-awareness and self-esteem, establishing self-advocacy among peer groups.

Facilitating clients towards inter-relationships, communication and engagement with others allowing acceptance of oneself and others with embodied empathy and compassion.

Photos © Angela Guerreiro