“Weakness, inflexibility, and lack of coordination are often not due to structural or muscular problems but caused by a lack of process. When that process is actualized, we experience strength, flexibility, and ease in our movement and our mind. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are an exploration of that process.” – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Move – Observe – Touch – Feel – Experience – Recognize

The core of BaBoMiDa™ is the moving body – the baby experiences in movement is own environment through the sensorimotor and visual perception, with the use of the tactile, grasping and taste sense the baby recognizes and learns about the world.

Early childhood reflexes and their integration play an important role, some earlier reflexes are already develop in the womb, promoting brain maturation and others after birth.

The attachment process is dynamic and interactive, by listening to and understanding your child emotional cues you make your baby feel understood and safe and a secure attachment grows out of the positive outcome of this nonverbal communication process between you and your baby.

Move – Observe – Touch – Feel – Experience – Recognize

The integration of these infantile reflexes is very important for the sensorimotor, and mental skills of your baby. The grasping reflex (hand) or the plantar reflex (foot) triggers the flexion of the palm or the foot. These are functional reflexes that arise in the nervous system to support the physiological development of the hands and feet. The imprinting of the brain pattern is absolutely important for our future learning ability. With these movement patterns, babies work for the health of their body and brain, because every movement activates various centers of the brain and thereby nerve pathways are set, which later facilitates their reading, thinking and coordination.

This is not about achieving to become the perfect parent but to understand how you can support your child throughout their development.

Move – Observe – Touch – Feel – Experience – Recognize

Movement is essential for the healthy development of the baby.

My role is to observe the baby developmental movement patterns, each movement and every instant shows us how the baby gets engaged, irritated, and/or interested in its surroundings.

If you observe that your baby may be developing more slowly or more restrictively than other babies, BaBoMiDa can support and encourage the baby to playfully explore the next stages of development through motion observation and sensitive touch.

To the development of babies, bonding is essential, and that depends greatly on the quality of nonverbal communication between your newborn and yourself.

BaBoMiDa™ is...

BaBoMiDa™ allows You and Your Baby...

BaBoMiDa™ sessions will support...

…playfulness and dancing

…movement exercises specially addressed for You and Your Baby

…done in a one to one setting

…an embodied relationship between the baby and you

…movement observation

…looking at the developmental movement patterns

…the integration of the reflexes and body systems

…a new branch of BodyMind Dancing™

…to play and move together

…to create a stronger bond and attachment quality

…to enhance interconnection and synchronize emotions

…to build mutual respect

…to tune into subtle bodily cues

…to learn how to be together

…to listening to each other

…to develop awareness and sensitivity to body language

confidence with Your baby/parent/caregiver relationship

communication between You and Your baby

feel confidence how to carry/old Your baby

strengthen and trust in each other

empathy, patience, responsiveness for each other

…you to experience Your baby movement development

…baby sensory and motor skills

Photos & Videos © Angela Guerreiro